When we consume nutrient-dense and wholesome food, we become our best and most vibrant selves. Experience our chef made meals and track your macro nutrients all through the flavour of nutrition, let us help bring life back to balance


We endeavour to use as many lush West Australian products as possible, and to support as many local Australian farms, businesses, and livelihoods as we can. 


Our first promise to you is that we are here out of personal necessity; this food was made initially by us, for us. We want to share the success and health and balance that b/nourished has has allowed us to discover.


We understand that there are a wide variety of lifestyles and diets available and are big believers that there is something out there to suit the needs of every individual. We know that "Living La-Vida Low Carb" is hot and happening in today's culture; we understand the low carb life diet better than anyone because for us, as type 1 diabetics, it is a necessity. 

A New Level Of Ready Meals

Flavour and nutrition shouldn't have to be sacrificed because of our busy lives whether it be work, kids or seeing friends.

Cool & Crunchy Stuff

As Chefs we are always adding elements to dishes to assist in the flavour and texture of our meals, to make the eating experience as a whole as pleasurable as possible.